Downtown Las Vegas

Greetings, from Las Vegas! Today, I plan on taking downtown Vegas by storm. I’ve heard that downtown is centered around Fremont Street, which leads you through the gambling district. This street is covered with a canopy that shines with millions of lights. As I passed underneath the canopy, the neon lights and their formations grabbed my attention. Every time I turn in Las Vegas, there is always something to look at. These lights were no exception, as they filled your mind with visual excitement. I strolled along the street and came across The Mob Museum. This museum focuses on the era where Las Vegas was ruled by the Mafia. It truly offers a different perspective on this history of this area.

After I visited the Mob Museum, I traveled to the Neon Museum, and gazed at the numerous neon signs throughout the building. I never knew that so many different signs with exhilarating designs existed! I headed over to Luv-it Frozen Custard, which is a well-known ice cream parlor. The inside of the store was full of the 1950’s retro furniture and light colors. Ice cream choices ranged from vanilla to cinnamon. Apparently, almond chip and cinnamon are the town favorites, so when the parlor rotates seasonal flavors, those two always remain the same.

After I finished my delicious ice cream cone, I wandered over to the Arts Factory. This factory was once a warehouse and displays hundreds of art pieces. As I strolled through the area, I saw exquisite paintings, beautiful sculptures, and photography. There was an option to take a guided tour but when I want to explore museums, I prefer to get lost on my journey. I managed to visit the factory on a Thursday; therefore, there weren’t as many people. I got lucky!

I finished my downtown experience at the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino. I found out that this hotel was built on the same site as the Lady Luck Hotel and Casino. Both hotel and casinos have provided a center of entertainment and pleasure throughout the years. I appreciated this casino due to its low table limits. It wasn’t like the Luxor, where you had to spend $100.00 to enter a game. You could buy your way into a game of black jack for $7.00!  That is crazy cheap! The slot machines were a big hit for the people around me, but I did not see too much money come from people playing those.

I transitioned to the pool top gaming area, where the atmosphere seemed to be a bit more open. I played black jack and poker for a few hours, but as the drinks kept coming, I found it harder to stop myself from gambling. Make sure you have someone to cut your playing off at a place like this, or you might not be able to afford the trip home!

Somewhere in the evening, I hooked up with a young lady that spent her time glued to me while I played…my own little good luck charm.  (Jury is still out on whether or not she was good luck…I made a little money, and she hasn’t called me yet to tell me that she is pregnant…LOL).  So, to take the show on the road, I found a company advertising cheap Vegas limo rental, and we took a nice limo ride up the Strip and back to her hotel for a bit at the Mandalay Bay…that’s all you get folks!

Downtown Las Vegas can be summed up in two words-sensory overload. It is a place full of fun attractions and hip casinos. If you visit downtown, there will never be a dull-moment. It’s time to for me to retire for the night. I still have another exciting day in Las Vegas ahead of me!