Starting Off in Las Vegas

Well, I escaped NYC.  I don’t know how long this marathon trip will be…3 months?  6 months?  I don’t care.  Long enough for me to experience the world outside of the chokeable air of the skyscraper dotted city!

So, I’ve chosen to start out in Vegas!  I’m going to spend a couple of weeks here and ENJOY myself!  I have written this as if it were all done in one day, but mind you this was 4 days of activity!

This morning I woke up and headed down to the spa, in order to recover from yesterday’s fun. I spent two hours at the pool soaking up the sun while floating on a raft. Tomorrow, I plan on joining the endless pool volleyball game. It’s amazing how much energy every one has, but I suppose that is why Vegas is so addicting. You just can’t get enough!

I finished up my pool time and set out to discover the south strip. I visited the New York-New York Resort and Casino and hopped on the roller coaster. The coaster winded and rolled in and out of the building and it was the perfect metaphor for my emotional attachment to Las Vegas, itself. This city pulls you in and injects you with a lively spirit. You want to explore every corner of the city and party until the break of dawn, but before you know it, it is already the next day. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and excitement. After I conquered the roller coaster at New York-New York (hardly a taste of home…which I couldn’t care about anyways…), I proceeded to the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur. I had a blast watching the jousters run around the ring on their horses as I feasted on my chicken wings. Every time one jouster would hit the other, the crowd would scream with excitement. It was intense as the lights shined on the jousters and the announcer challenged them to duals. I think one of the best parts of that experience was wearing a crown and receiving a huge drinking cup that looks as if it should be sitting on King Arthur’s table.

Aquarium in Vegas


From Excalibur, I moved on to the Hershey’s Chocolate World factory. This place satisfies everyone who encounters it! The smell of chocolate floats through the air and reaches a distance of at least half a mile. It’s impossible to not have a few pieces of chocolate if you come anywhere near it! Then, I headed to the Luxor. As I approached the glass pyramid of a resort, I was immediately engulfed in an Egyptian atmosphere. As soon as you leave the lobby, you encounter its huge casino. I decided to grab a drink and observe the high rollers as they bet thousands of dollars. As I walked around, I noticed girls dancing on tables and blackjack games being played.  Yeah…I didn’t spend any time over there….right…  😉

After I left the Luxor, I traveled to Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef attraction. I was drawn to the exhibit that featured an old Aztec temple. The deep water and ruins provides a mysterious and invigorating vibe to the overall experience. As I strolled along the tanks, I saw hundreds of colorful, tropical fish and sea creatures. (Did you know that coral reefs make up less than 1% of all of the underwater surface area in the world’s oceans – YET, they provide shelter for something like 1/4 of all of the world’s marine fish!  Go ahead and check it out for yourself on Wiki.) At the end of my tour I encountered the shark exhibit, where sharks swim above and below viewers around a skeleton ship. The Las Vegas South Strip is full of excitement, casinos, resorts, pools, and other attractions. The vibe was a bit more child-friendly compared to the Center Strip, but both areas of the strip are fun to explore! It’s time to get some sleep. Tomorrow I will conquer the North Strip!